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Awareness Through Movement

Maturing Our Humaness


Zoran Kovich

MSc Cognitive Science

BA Performing Arts

BA Social Science

Certified Feldenkrais Trainer

Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher

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Zoran lives in Sydney, Australia, and has been actively engaging in Feldenkrais Method practice for 35 years.

An Educational Director in Australian Feldenkrais professional training programs, in his private practice Zoran also offers Awareness Through Movement seminars, workshops, courses, and personal coaching sessions.

Being able to floursih in a ever changing body and world requires inner resourcefulness.


Enable yourself to effectievly navigate life's many perpetual challenges.


Learn to perceive discerningly, feel intelligently, think originally and act creatively.


The way you learn is mindful, kindly, wise, and vitally connected to life.


Start practicing today.


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