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Awareness is the Key

Facilitated by Zoran Kovich  MSc, Feldenkrais Trainer & Educational Director

Habits work great when they suit the situation. But when circumstances change, and they always do, good habits can turn bad - they stop serving your needs and become a hindrance.


You can stop enacting ineffective habits. Learn to put mindless habits in the spotlight of your attention, examine them discerningly , change what's needed, and create new ways of doing things that serve you far betterAnd, when you know how to use your awareness to change habits it's an ability that lasts a lifetime -- which is a wonderful thing !


The movement-based learning processes that you'll experience in these sessions are a superb means of fostering personal wellbeing and developing abilities that are meaningful for you. To assist you establish and maintain a vital personal practice, you'll receive audio recordings of the session(s) in which you enrolled.


Generally these workshops are intended for people in a good state of physical and mental health.  If you are experiencing medically related difficulties, using prescribed medications, or undertaking rehabilitation, please contact the presenter, prior to enrolling, to discuss your interests and needs.

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Sunday 15th March, 1pm to 4:30pm


  • $110

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