Being and Becoming Human

The Ethos of the Feldenkrais Method

A course for Feldenkrais Method teachers

25 - 27 April 2020

What values, attitudes and aspirations lie at the very heart of the method we practice? In this 3-day course we will explore the Hasidic-Judaic heritage of Moshe Feldenkrais in how it provides a cultural and ethical horizon for the Feldenkrais Method. It aims to deepen our understanding of what Moshe Feldenkrais means when he offers the method as a vehicle of human maturation. We will do this together through talks, discussion, Awareness through Movement lessons and Functional Integration practice. After enrolling you will receive a selection of materials to read and reflect upon before the course.

Facilitated by


Anna Yeatman  PhD

Feldenkrais Method teacher

ZK bio photo.jpg

Zoran Kovich  MSc

Feldenkrais Method trainer & educational director

For public health safety this course has been postponed.

More news soon.

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