Mindfully Exploring Breathing

Experience the many benefits of intimately knowing how you breathe

Facilitated by Zoran Kovich  MSc, Feldenkrais Trainer & Educational Director

This course is for every person wishing to enhance their quality of life, improve their mental abilities, regulate their feelings, and refine their physical performance. Actors, singers, musicians, and athletes will particularly benefit.


You'll develop a deep experiential understanding of the many aspects and dimensions of your breathing. Awareness Through Movement lessons, talks, discussions, videos, related experiential activities, and prepared readings will help expand your knowledge and awareness of how you breathe. At the completion of the course you will know how to continue optimising your breathing in ways that are most meaningful for your life.

The movement-based learning processes that you'll experience in these sessions are a superb means of fostering personal wellbeing and developing abilities that are meaningful for you. To assist you establish and maintain a vital personal practice, you'll receive audio recordings of the session(s) in which you enrolled.


Generally these workshops are intended for people in a good state of physical and mental health.  If you are experiencing medically related difficulties, using prescribed medications, or undertaking rehabilitation, please contact the presenter, prior to enrolling, to discuss your interests and needs.

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There are 10 sessions in this course.

All sessions are on Saturdays, 10am - 1pm

  • 14 Mar     Reflecting on breathing

  • 18 Apr     The act of breathing - knowing how it works

  • 16 May     Optimizing your breathing potential #1

  • 20 Jun     Optimising your breathing potential #2

  • 04 Jul       Exploring ways of breathing #1

  • 01 Aug     Exploring ways of breathing #2

  • 29 Aug     Exploring ways of breathing #3

  • 10 Oct     Exploring ways of breathing #4

  • 07 Nov     Breathing, feelings and the mind #1

  • 05 Dec     Breathing, feelings and the mind #2


  • $375  Early-bird rate for Sessions 1-5    *enrol by 01 March 2020

  • $375  Early-bird rate for Sessions 6-10  *enrol by 19 July 2020

  • $90 Single session

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