FM Studies

Learning Through Collegial Inquiry

For Feldenkrais Teachers & Trainees


Facilitated by Zoran Kovich  MSc, Certified Feldenkrais Trainer


In 2009 several teachers began meeting to study the Amherst Training videos. Since then the group has continued exploring together many diverse Feldenkrais Method resources.


Currently inquiry is focused on studying the audio recordings of Dr. Feldenkrais's 1973 Berkeley workshop (Sunday sessions) and Mark Reese's "Ribs in Relation" ATM lessons (Thursday evenings).


Mats and other practice equipment provided. 

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Sundays - Monthly

11am to 4.30pm

FM Teachers (Syd. metro region)  $45 per session

FM Teachers (outside Syd. metro region)  $35 per session

FM Trainees $20 per session


Thursday Evenings - Fortnightly

7.30pm to 9pm

FM Teachers  $20 per session

FM Trainees   $10 per session

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