Master Moves

Feldenkrais Method practice and theory


Facilitated by Zoran Kovich  MSc, Certified Feldenkrais Trainer


Awareness Through Movement is Moshe Feldenkrais's unique contribution to the filed of human development and is the key to understanding the Feldenkrais Method. 


In 1979 Dr. Feldenkrais taught a five-day course at Mann Ranch, California. The Awareness Through Movement lessons presented may be familiar, however they are all composed in refreshingly new ways. The thematically diverse and engaging movement experiences are interwoven with informative theoretical discussions, making the relationship between theory and practice in the Feldenkrais Method more evident.

This course is perfect for anyone wishing to deepen their experience of Awareness Through Movement and extend their understanding of the thinking that informs practice.

Awareness Through Movement lessons:

  1. Twisting to Floor

  2. Thinking and Doing

  3. The Movement of the Shoulder

  4. Crawling and Walking

  5. The Ribs and Rolling

  6. Arm Circles

  7. Making a Circle with Your Hip

  8. Movement of the Eyes Organizes the Body

  9. The Seventh Cervical

  10. Head Through the Gate

  11. Jaw, Tongue and Aggression

  12. Rocking the Pelvis

  13. Learning to Sit from Lying

Establishing new, spontaneous habits of action is best accomplished through regular, attentive, skilled, deliberate practice. To assist you develop and maintain a vital personal practice, you'll receive FREE audio recordings of lessons from each session in which you enrolled.

Generally these workshops are intended for people in a good state of physical and mental health.  If you are experiencing medically related difficulties, or undertaking rehabilitation, please contact the presenter, prior to enrolling, to discuss your interests and needs.

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4 Consecutive Days

10 am to 4.30pm each day

22, 23, 24,25 June



All 4 days    $450

Single day   $135

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